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The Ubuntu effect

24 October 2019
The much anticipated dramatic serving, Ubuntu, hits your screens on November 4th, at 21:30 DStv CH 162.

Zambezi Magic’s new offering, Ubuntu, boasts a riveting storyline that borders around succession, single-dimensional diplomacy and everything in-between.

It’s business as usual in the King’s chambers until illness barges in without so much as a knock and forces the ruler’s otherwise firm hand into hastiness; and as history would have it, Mukango was a mere ‘throne warmer’ whose reign would eventually be cut short by his brother’s son, Tachimba’s return from the city.

It isn’t all well that ends well though because Tachimba’s return seems to be accompanied by dark ulterior motives that have very little to do with the Kingdoms wellbeing.
From the misuse of supernatural gifts to the excavation of long-buried secrets that could bring a lot of the royals to complete ruins, both internal and external wars are waged. 

As the story unfolds, the viewer will be afforded a few aha moments and pierced back into total oblivion- Who’s who for who?! Ubuntu promises an experience like no other.

Make sure you clear your schedule of the November 4th premiere at 21:30, only on DStv CH 162. Stay tuned for more new and returning shows on Zambezi Magic. Join the conversation on social media using the official hashtag #ZMUbuntu. #ZambeziMagic.