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Your thoughts on TOXIC relationships – Tuvwange

23 April 2020
We wanted to know how you feel about calling it quits after a relationship has gone bad. The POLLS are in. Here's what we've learned!

Quite often, we judge people harshly for sticking around and trying to make things work when the honeymoon is long over and things get a bit sour. That said, the decision to put years of bonding, triumphs, quiet reconciliations and shared hopes and dreams behind you is immensely difficult. It's the reason people can keep fighting for something in a circumstance that's long become toxic. However, at what point is one holding on to something that's never going to return? Clearly this issue resonated because you responded in your numbers and this is how it all broke down.

When do you end a TOXIC relationship?

When there are apologies and excuses but no effort to change.
When you longer recognise the person you committed to.
As soon as they dishonour their promises
Just trust your heart

Going with your heart or looking for a glimmer of the person you used to know requires intuition, and it would seem that's a gamble most of you aren't ready to make. Almost half of you would rather keep score of what someone brings to the table and make a rational decision based on that and you know what? – That seems pretty fair to us!

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