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The In-Law Factor – Tuvwange

13 February 2020
How well do you live with and love your in-laws?
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We don't choose the families we're born into, but we do choose the quality of relationships we build.

In-laws are human, and just like you, they have their good and bad sides. Do you choose to love them despite their flaws? Do they love you despite YOUR flaws? What impact have they had on you and your spouse’s marriage? 

Or if you're blessed enough to have love and good vibes all around, what effort did you put in to achieve this idyllic situation?

Think on these questions and then cast your vote in our poll! We want to know how our families are doing Zambia!
(Find poll here on the Tuvwange page: https://zambezimagic.dstv.com/show/tuvwange)

#ZMTuvwange unpacks this very close-to-the-heart matter tonight at 21:30 on DStv CH 162. Make sure you catch it on #ZambeziMagic!