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What 'Social Media Says' about the survival of a relationship after a marriage proposal is turned down

28 February 2020
Our BIGGEST poll response yet - to the question: Can a relationship survive after a marriage proposal is turned down?

There are a variety of perfectly reasonable grounds for turning down a marriage proposal. These range from the anticipation of those frightful wedding expenses or general financial readiness, to poor timing or execution of the proposal itself, and even uncertainty about the future/person making the proposal. 

Yet, this is one rejection most people can't seem to see a way through. K'Chinga shared a few personal revelations around the subject with #ZMTuvwange.

FIRST - because he's a shy guy, one major perk afforded by fame is the ease with which he can approach the ladies and shoot his shot!

SECOND - he is more of a serious-relationship type of guy, and has had just 2 long term girlfriends.

THIRD - should he get down on one knee and be denied, this would be a catastrophic bruising of his ego, and he would be CRUSHED. So much so, that he might have to make a diss track out of it (Beware ladies❗️) Just kidding!?

Then we put the ball back in your court Zambezi: Could YOUR relationship survive a marriage proposal turned down?

The poll asked participants to answer YES - if they have enough hope to continue the relationship; or NO – if this was one and done.

Here’s how Zambia voted!

Poll Participation: 4 700 votes

OPTION #1: YES - I don't see why not! - 26 %

OPTION #2: NO - It's doomed - 74 %

Seems like the majority of our participants see doom and gloom at the back end of this rejection...but some are saying THERE's A CHANCE ?

That's what Social Media Says Zambia! Surprised?

Thank you for participating in the #ZMTuvwange conversation. Stay tuned for new episodes every Thursday at 21:30 on DStv CH 162, and be sure to cast your vote in our latest #ZMTuvwange poll!