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This Thando is a hoax – Zuba

14 May 2020
It finally revealed that the rescued Thando is in fact a hoax.
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Just when we thought the worst was over and that the Sosala’s could finally breathe again, regroup and mend what had been broken, the seal cocooning Jaden’s secrets breaks open and reveal-something even more damning!

The cat is out of the bag - The ‘Thando’ that was rescued during Niko’s heroic one-man-operation is in fact Vincent, the real Thando’s twin brother from whom he was separated from at birth. Not only does this detail bring to light the fact that Jaden orchestrated and made sure that the fists VS guns showdown looked as authentic as possible, but it also means that he could be connected to this by blood.

Vinny couldn’t have followed Thando all these years just to get to know his every quirk and move, so it only makes sense that the ‘post-traumatic amnesia’ was brought into play and used as an excuse for other detrimental intentions. From flirting with Suwi to his inability to remember his own wife, it is clear that every single one of his “slipups” were pinned perfectly to loss of memory, much to the detriment of the Sosala’s.

Now with the emergence of both Vinny and Thando’s biological mother (or so she says) and her thirst for revenge, things will definitely go from ugly to worse for Phingiwe. Will the revelation of these secrets mean the end of the Sosala clan as we know it.
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