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The Zambezi Magic Movie Festival is here!

08 December 2023
Enthralling African Tales Unfold on the Zambezi Magic Movie Festival this December!
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A Journey into Okalila, Penda's Dilemma, Strings and A Quiet Intruder.

Brace yourselves, for an unforgettable experience as a series of gripping African movies make their way to your screens. These culturally rich narratives promise to resonate with viewers, offering a potent mix of drama, suspense and a celebration of African diversity.


Embark on a soul-stirring journey with Okalila. To secure the promotion he wants, a self-serving project coordinator for a rural development agency reluctantly goes to a village in Northern Namibia to go and find answers…

This Namibian tale of self-discovery airs on 9 December 2023 at 20:30hrs, with an encore presentation on 10 December 2023 at 18:30hrs.

Penda’s Dilemma

A German-Namibian millionaire will stop at nothing to seize the ancestral land of two ingenious Namibian communities for diamonds. He recruits a young, broke politician to the dirty work and things go too far👀

Explore the themes of greed and power in this gripping Namibian film. Tune in on 16 December 2023 at 20:30hrs, with a repeat broadcast on 17 December 2023 at 18:30hrs.


The Multichoice Talent Factory (MTF) presents Strings, a heartfelt story following Andrea's journey. Andrea is a 17-year-old boy who wants to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a musician. However, his mother, fearing he'll end up a poor and washed-up artist like his late father, forbids him from having anything to do with music and instead insists that he focus on his education.

This emotional rollercoaster airs on 23 December 2023 at 20:30hrs, with an encore on 24 December 2023 at 18:30hrs.

A Quiet Intruder

In pursuit of his goal, a talented computer programmer is working hard to crack a program code and win a multi-million contract. Extreme pressure soon forces him to compromise on his schizophrenia medication regimen, which he believes stifles his creativity. Without the meds, from the deep recesses of his mind, he soon unlocks his creative faculties and finds a solution to his problem. However, that is not all he sets free.

MTF’s A Quiet Intruder airs on 30 December 2023 at 20:30hrs, with a repeat on 31 December 2023 at 18:30hrs.

Stay with Zambezi Magic DStv channel 162 for an immersive experience of emotion, suspense, and an exploration of African cultures.