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The most toxic relationships on Zambezi Magic

13 March 2022
Just as we celebrated the month of love, it’s time to look at the not so rosy relationships on Zambezi Magic.
Toxic relationships

Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5 is home to many lovely relationships and we celebrated these during the month of love, but there are also some bonds that are just not as tight as they could be.

Some of these relationships are between men and women attracted to one another and others are between family members battling to find common ground.

Here are some Zambezi Magic couples oozing with toxic vibes: 

Dr Chirwa and Wiza – Amooye

What started as a cry out for help for Wiza ended up as a romantic love affair between her and her husband’s doctor. ? The two connected from the first moment they set eyes on each other and this continued until Goodwill found out and decided to pretend he was blind. There is nothing more toxic than a woman openly cheating on her husband with no shame and a husband faking an illness in order to catch her in the act! ??‍♀️  Dr Chirwa and Wiza would smooch in front of “blind” Goodwill. Until recently when Wiza found out that Goodwill has been lying about his blindness they now have to tackle their differences head on. Now that the cat’s out of the bag, we wonder who Wiza will decide to settle for?

Gertrude and Limbani – Uncle Limbani

Uncle Limbani is back, and his lady Getrude has returned to make a mark. It recently dawned on her that she has been performing wife duties for Limbani, yet he hasn’t traditionally and officially made his intentions clear about her and the position she occupies in his life. Gertrude started protesting, refusing to wash Limbani’s clothes and she might even stop cooking for him! She confronted him, demanding that he works on a budget to marry her – yess girl! Are those wedding bells we hear ringing from the near future? It sure sounds like them!

Kalumba and Anna – Makofi

Kalumba and Anna resemble a bond created by force and circumstance, but the sisters do show up for one another positively… once in a while. The most recent tension between these two, caused by Makuzza’s marriage proposal to Kalumba has been setting our screens on fire! ? Anna is completely against a man who killed her father marrying her older sister. ??‍♀️ For many reasons, this makes sense and we wonder why Kalumba has fallen head over heels for the Tanzanian boxer. Will this marriage go on putting a further strain on sister’s relationship or will Makuzza get his ring back?

Zuba and Suwi – Zuba

Keeping up with the topic of sister drama, the relationship between Zuba and Suwi has been on several roller coaster journeys but the most recent ride had our jaws dropping to the ground! Suwi, who discovered in her adult years that her “sister-in-law” Zuba was in fact her biological sister has been going through a lot of personal conflict, which now spills over to those surrounding her. Suwi “kindly” offered Zuba a Chief Designer position at SFH, which Zuba hesitated to accept but eventually settled for. Shortly after this grand gesture, Zuba and Niko’s house burned down, an incident Suwi celebrated. ? Simply put: Suwi hates Zuba’s guts and any misfortune Zuba goes through, Suwi rejoices. Will the day ever arrive when the two sisters finally gel with one another? We watch, wait and see!

To see how these relationships grow or crumble, make sure you stay tuned into Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5.