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Our favourite siblings on Zambezi Magic

29 March 2022
Here are some of the most adored brothers and sisters in the world of Zambezi Magic!

Relationships are some of the most important themes in the stories we love on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 172 and GOtv Supa Channel 5. Some of the best and most entertaining relationships on our favourite shows are between family members, especially siblings.

Most siblings don’t see eye to eye, yet other siblings are always on the lookout for one another. The siblings on Zambezi Magic are no different from siblings in real life.

Here are some of our favourite brothers and sisters who deserve a shout out:

Ba Mayo and her sister

Relationship: Sisters from Shi Mumbi

Popular for: Ba Mayo and her sister took a trip to Lusaka to apologise to Rex after Ba Mayo beat him up. This was after he was caught playing with her daughter Bana Mumbi’s heart. During the apology, the sibling duo offered Shi Mumbi an “underweight” chicken from Kapiri village as a peace offering. Click here to watch, if you missed this unique apology by the in-laws.

Hambe, Jairos, Mwanida, Cephas, Mabvuto and Tionenji

Relationship: Siblings by polygamy in Mpali

Popular for: These siblings are famous for being part of one of the largest families on Zambezi Magic. Word on the street is that there could be more siblings to be uncovered because farm life is full of surprises! Although some of them may not be connected by blood, they all have one man they refer to as their father. Yet Nguzu has a home full of children, he is still struggling to decide who to give the title deeds of the farm to. Click here to watch how the Mpali’s siblings are handling their father’s decisions around the farm.

Boaz and Chipego

Relationships: Brother and Sister in Mpali

Popular for: Boaz and Chipego are another pair of siblings from fan favourite Mpali. They have a solid relationship where you find Boaz being protective over his sick sister Chipego, but recently, we saw him stealing money from her in order to entertain Mwaziona with some beer. It was a touching moment for us when we saw Boaz reaping from his actions and fighting to win back his sister’s affections.

Kalumba and Anna

Relationship: Half-sisters in Makofi

Popular for: These sisters are constantly bickering but at the end of the day, you will find Kalumba trying her best to do well by her sister. Anna is not fond of many decisions Kalumba has made, especially her recent agreement to marry Makuzza. Things however seem to be looking up for the sibling pair now that they are working together to maintain high standards at the Makofi boxing gym. Click here to catch up on the latest in Makofi on Showmax!

Zuba and Suwi

Relationship: Sisters in Zuba

Popular for: For a long time, Suwi despised Zuba because she was just a maid trying to make her way into the Sosalas’ wealth. All of this became worse the day she discovered they were siblings. If you missed this great confession, click here to read all about it! Zuba and Suwi are still at each other’s throats for many reasons and despite their newfound sisterhood, we certainly don’t see them enjoying any tea parties together any time soon.

These are just a few of the siblings we love to see here on Zambezi Magic. Click here to see the gallery of Zambezi Magic siblings! Join the conversation on our official social media pages and let us know which sibling pair is your favourite.

Stay tuned for more sibling drama right here on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5!