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Michelle and Patson Masamba – OPWZim

31 May 2019
After seeing her picture on her cousin's phone in 2013, Patson was smitten and texted her same day. A lunch date a few weeks later marked the beginning of their relationship and the love they both felt towards each other has led them down the aisle
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Patson and Mitchel first met in 2013 when Patson, who was friends with Mitchel’s cousin saw Mitchel’s picture on her phone and was immediately smitten with who he saw. He texted her immediately he begged for her numbers and the two struck up a conversation.

After being phone buddies for two weeks, Patson took a trip to Harare from Bulawayo to take her out on a date and the pair grew closer, so much so that Patson ended the night by declaring his love for her.

A positive reply a few days later and the two officially became an item. And as we join the love birds in celebrating their union; the couple have chosen Décor, Venue and Catering as the three items on their wish list and we shall be checking them out as well as some of their highlight moments.


With a colour theme of Rose Gold and Pink, the couple ahve gone for a classic and elegant look and the caterer for the day didn't dissappoint.


With Legacy Hotel in Harare as their venue of choice, the Hotel staff have promised to go all out with the decor and the look on the couple's faces showed their approval.


Handled by the staff of Legacy Hotels, the chef went to town with the menu and the execution of the meal said it all.

Michelle took the term 'hands-on bride' to new heights by handling every aspect of her wedding, from the planning to execution and the joys of watching people have fun on a day thats your biggest day took satisfaction up a notch or three.

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