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Meet the family that’s shaking things up on Zuba

19 November 2020
Secrets unravel as the Kazhingas join the neighbourhood

Thando recently made contact with Kazembe, a criminal law expert who recently moved to Lusaka with his family and also happens to be Melvin Zulu’s long-lost son. As the story unfolds, we find that Kazembe’s relevance actually extends further than the Zulus and Sosalas. Keen to meet the members of the new family on the block? Read on!

Kazembe Kazhinga (Melvin Zulu Jnr)

Kazembe Kazhinga is a 35-year-old criminal law expert from the Copperbelt. He is husband to Valerie, father to Farai and Chikondi and as recently revealed, Melvin Zulu’s long-lost son. Having been groomed by his grandmother in Ndola, Kazembe exudes authority and in more than just a few ways, tries to live up to his name (of royal descent). He grew up with little to no knowledge of who his father was and as such, rarely asked questions about him. Kazembe is reserved emotionally and not very expressive. He rarely speaks, preferring to listen, which allows him to learn and peg his opponents. His go-to catchphrase is “Law is order, and good law is good order.”

We were first introduced to Kazembe when Thando initiated contact with him on social media. While it is expected that his role dances around his identity, things may take a rather unexpected turn should he decide to investigate the circumstances that led to his father’s passing. Kazembe is a passionate man of the law and will stop at nothing until justice is served and the culprits brought to book.

Valerie Kazhinga

Wife to Kazembe and mother to Farai and Chikondi, 30-year-old Valerie is a clever woman of the law who like her husband, seeks to use the legal tools at her disposal to ensure the law always takes its course. Valerie is determined and confident and is not afraid to speak her mind. Kazembe relies on her a lot for moral and emotional support. While Kaz can be somewhat of an idealist, Valerie is more level-headed and brings him down to earth and that much closer to reality.

As the story progresses, Valerie’s biggest role in the Zulu saga will possibly be that of advisor to Kazembe. While he may warm up too quickly to the idea of making contact with his paternal family, she will assist in identifying any ulterior motives and potential danger.


Katema is Valerie’s lively and outgoing 27-year-old sister who has ambitions as great as her level of self-awareness. Like Valerie, Katema grew up watching her father collect tobacco feed while her mother skillfully crocheted baskets using straw – all this so she and her siblings could have a better view of their world and want better for themselves.

Katema harbours a secret (to be revealed later); one that may affect agent Niko’s current standing as Zuba’s knight in shining armour. She is a self-proclaimed one-man woman whose one true desire is to find the feeling of love she once felt with her childhood sweetheart Nikonda Gawa.

With her confidence and interest in all things masculine and strong, there’ll be much drama to collect from her basket.

Chikondi and Farai Kazhinga

11-year-old Chikondi and 8-year-old Farai are Kazembe and Valerie’s children. While the two dance far from the drama involving their late grandfather Melvin Zulu – and their roles are of innocence, Chikondi’s infant history has more branches than her little self can imagine.

The story that arches over Zulu’s passing and the multimillion Dollar land that Thando and his jailed associate are after has much more depth to it than the viewer can expect; and with the introduction of Zulu’s legitimate son (and heir), there will be much drama. 

Watch closely as secrets spill and world are brought upside down on Zuba, every weeknight at 20:00hrs on DStv CH 162 #ZambeziMagic.