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Ten Tamanga Street

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Drama Unfolds on Ten Tamanga Street: A look into the Last Episode Before the Break.

03 January 2024
As we (fans) eagerly await the return of Ten Tamanga Street on January 8th, the last episode left us on the edge of our seats with a cascade of unexpected events.
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Lets recap the events in the last episode and how the tension builds as secrets unravel on this quaint Zambian street:

Lies and Unraveling Truths

Junior and Ruth, concoct a web of lies to deceive Aunt Geraldine about the true nature of their disagreement.

Wamiza, the unsuspecting character, stumbles upon a shocking revelation – Liseli's new client is none other than Rob Mwenya, the young man who once accused Aunty Geraldine of attempting to poison him. The plot thickens as alliances and motives come into question.

In a riveting twist, Ruth overhears Aunty Geraldine striking a deal with Njovu, Munyama's lawyer. What negotiations are transpiring behind closed doors, and how will this impact the delicate balance on Ten Tamanga Street?

Lost Shoes and an angry Socks

Socks, confronts Kafiru about a misplaced shoe at Munyama's, leading to a demand for answers about the perplexing connection between Munyama, Fundi, and Kafiru.

As if the drama couldn't escalate further, Socks bids Munyama farewell, and a tragic accident occurs. Aaron's unexpected demise leaves viewers wondering about the ripple effects on the relationships within the neighbourhood.

Speculation for the Viewers: What's Next on Ten Tamanga Street?

No doubt the production break has left us pondering a number of unfolding mysteries. Will Junior and Ruth's lies come back to haunt them? How will Socks cope with the accidental tragedy, and what consequences will it bring? The deal between Aunty Geraldine and Njovu raises questions about the future dynamics on the street. As Ten Tamanga Street resumes, viewers can anticipate a whirlwind of emotions, unexpected alliances, and resolutions to the gripping cliffhangers that have captured their imagination.

Catch this rollercoaster ride as Ten Tamanga Street resumes  on Monday  8 Januarry at 19:30hrs on Zambezi Magic (DStv Channel 172 and GOtv supa channel 3).