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#BestOf21 My Kitchen Party Experiences – Zambezi Magic

06 December 2021
My Kitchen Party on Zambezi Magic has left us craving an invitation to any and every kitchen party (and wedding) – and here are the reasons why.
Best of 2021 My Kitchen Party

2021? What a year! My Kitchen Party has kept all of us excitedly looking forward to our Friday nights on Zambezi Magic, to witness emotional brides transitioning from their childhood homes into their own marital households. 

The traditional events are intricate with stages that cannot be ignored. One of these stages is the ceremony where the future bride and groom’s family’s get together to share household gifts with the couple, as they enter a new phase in their relationship.

We have seen many compliments in the comments section about the events’ décor and brides’ dresses and we agree that some of the kitchen party celebrations this year were picture-perfect and made us wonder what the actual wedding would look like!

Let’s have a look at our list of the best My Kitchen Party experiences for 2021: 

Esther’s (MKP producer) Kitchen Party:

As someone who produces the show, Esther’s kitchen party did not disappoint! She was stunning and her décor was equally as stunning with the floral backdrop with different shades of pink and orange. This set a lovely tone for other brides who needed some summertime inspiration for their own ceremonies. 

Mamita’s Congolese inspired Kitchen Party:

Mamita came with all the glitz and glamour to her kitchen party and being a designer, she made sure to have the perfect outfits to match. Her décor had unique red and white floral centerpieces which could grab anyone’s attention – a result of long careful planning. She also added a Congolese touch to her event in honor of her paternal roots. 

Mwanida’s Kitchen Party: 

Mwanida’s parents made sure to give their daughter a stunning handover to her new household. Her kitchen party was special with live performances and dance, all complementing the families’ outfits and traditions. 

Esther’s (Esther and Chaka) Kitchen Party:

Finally, this was the kitchen party that gave us all FOMO this year. Everything was undeniably glamourous and we loved following the couple’s journey into marriage. 


We have witnessed many lovely and inspiring kitchen parties this year. We can’t wait to see all the lovely new brides and kitchen parties that the new year has in store for us! 

Make sure you tune into My Kitchen Party every Friday at 21:00hrs on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5.