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Behind Faces: Meet the cast - Charles

18 July 2016
Somewhat weak-willed and easily manipulated, Charles is the head of the home who finds himself tangled in a web of deceit and drama!

Charles and his wife Misozi are in need of money.

Misozi and Jane, a senior manager at Max Insurance, conspire to fake her death and Charles is required to play the role of a grief-stricken widower. He takes to the role despite his fears of being caught.

But Charles is weak-willed and remains heavily dependent on Jane - the co-conspirator of this fiendish plan. Fortunately though, being a pathological liar serves him well as he deals with his suspicious in-laws and family members. While Jane on the other hand has other clandestine plans for Charles and he is hard pressed to deny her advances at the risk of messing up their plan to cash in on Misozi’s life insurance.

Slowly, Charles gives in to Jane’s seduction and now he carries two secrets; his affair with Jane and faking Misozi’s death.

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