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Snakes And Ladders

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Chongo versus The Chief - Snakes and Ladders

29 September 2020
How Chongo tried to get his wife back from the chief's village
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When Chongo drove his wife away from their matrimonial home like one would a dog, the desperate woman was forced to find refuge for herself and her children in a distant village.

The ex-Mrs Chongo went through a painful and rigorous initiation process in order to be accepted into her new community. Yet unknowingly she (in all her humble efforts) had attracted the attention of a very corrupt man.

The chief

From the moment the destitute woman entered his courts to plead her case for refuge, the chief made up his mind to make her his wife. A proposal from the royal palace, made through the chief’s senior advisors soon followed, which she categorically refused to oblige, setting off a wave of nasty threats and events.

Rescuing the fat from the fire

Things were about to get worse. Chongo suddenly came to the realisation that he wanted to reconcile with his wife, and searched high and low until he traced her back to the  obscure village. This was just in time to throw a spanner in the chief’s plans.

A hair-raising rescue mission of sorts ensued, involving his wife and kids. With the stakes so high, Chongo waved away every warning and all reason. Laughing in the face of danger so to speak.

Well, we tried.

Mission possible?

The chief and Chongo are about to lock horns. For Chongo, love and legacy are at stake; while the chief fights for honour as well as a grip on his mutinous kingdom.

Who will emerge victorious? Tune in to #ZMSnakesandLadders Monday to Wednesday at 19:30hrs on #ZambeziMagic DStv CH 162 and watch the great battle unfold.