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Snakes And Ladders

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An unexpected end to #ZMSnakesandLadders season 2

23 November 2020
A round of applause for the brilliant players of the game!
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#ZMSnakesandLadders season 2 reached a breath-taking conclusion in October 2020, handing out well-deserved consequences to the players of this game of risk and chance. Just like in real life, each player encountered defining promotions and pitfalls, but who won the game?

Mpombo showed himself to be a highly ambitious and clever player, with incredible foresight and a capacity for savagery when/where necessary.

It was this cold ambition that led to several murdered bodies appearing across Lusaka, which were eventually connected back to him.

In the end, a spy planted close to home (Mwale) was able to deliver incriminating evidence on Mpombo to Jerome and the police. Mpombo was finally apprehended, but not before he was exposed to the coronavirus…

Halfway through the season Chongo abandoned the political race and went on a mission to find and win back his wife, whom he had previously chased from their matrimonial home. The desperate woman was forced to find refuge for herself and her children in a distant village.

The chief of that village, Chief Machuta put Chongo's survival abilities to the test. Here Chongo showed that his prowess in combat was unlike that of any ordinary man, which led to Chief Mutata’s cunning play - luring him to the palace and quite literary sticking a knife in his back.

Twist: Chongo's son Skinner was released from prison right at the end of the season.

The Grandmaster
After The Grandmaster failed to kill Cathy, and then let her escape from his radar, it looked as though his powers were waning.

However, on his way to kill Inspector Kalaluka, we caught a glimpse into his psychic supremacy once more.

Then when Inspector Kalaluka emerged from the combat but The Grandmaster did not, we could only assume that this marked the end of an era for a man who had lived an extremely wicked and violent life…

Jerome (Inspector Kalaluka)
Jerome’s presence in the game was brought about by his brother’s untimely death, and a strong desire to bring his brother's killer to book.

After receiving a well-timed alert, Jerome was able to prepare himself for face to face combat with The Grandmaster. And not only that, Mwale – the spy he had planted within Mpombo’s household, provided intel that eventually brought Mpombo’s corrupt network to its knees.

Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t keep his own hands clean in the process…

So who have you decided won the game of #ZMSnakesandLadders season 2? Cast your vote in our poll to let us know!