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Snakes And Ladders

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A new dawn for Snakes and Ladders

26 July 2020
Intro to #ZMSnakesandLadders Season 2
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Zambezi Magic’s Snakes and Ladders kicked off on the 20th of July 2020, with the tried and tested players from Season 1 vying to navigate and win at life’s unpredictable game of pitfalls and promotions.

We saw Mponda’s issues on the home-front spiral out of control, culminating in his in-laws returning the dowry he had paid and thus nullifying his marriage. Mponda then proceeded to leave the village for the Copperbelt, which infuriated Chief Machuta no end. No doubt a response is coming!

The Grandmaster’s list of enemies continued to grow exponentially, so much that it precipitated conditions for a truce between himself and Mpombo. But it was not all business for The Grandmaster who got an unexpected proposal from a (special kind of) woman.

Meanwhile, the discord between Mpombo and his business partner deepened as his own political aspirations of becoming a member of parliament grew. From the cooking of books to the firing of a senior officer, it became clear that his emerald business had shaky foundations.

Some relationships weren't built to last but the bond between Mike and Norah showed its resilience. The two put their differences aside in an effort to mend their marriage. However, as the season progresses, fresh dangers emerge that threaten to disrupt their peace.

Snakes and Ladders is a game of time and chance. He was there at the right time and right place to overhear Mpombo and the Grandmaster detailing plans to kill his brother Mr Mwale, so naturally Luka shed light on these disturbing revelations. Now Luka lives to pay the price. Snitches will get stiches or worse...??

What happens when a boss abuses the respect and trust of his powerful partners? Or when ones enemies out-number him? Or when a missing woman is found and lives to tell her story? Tune in and watch as empires rise and crumble weekdays at 19:30hrs on #SnakesandLadders.??