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Snakes and Ladders


Zuba packs a punch

31 January 2020
Unpacking the drama this January

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#ZubaToo. Jito is confronted for his indecent assault of Zuba, much to the consternation of Wana and Natasha who choose to take his word against the word of 'the maid'. Thando however, holds true to his convictions. Catch the highlight here: https://onezed.dstv.com/show/zuba/attempted-rape-zuba/video

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It's wedding season and Senzeni makes her entrance! Absolutely nothing gets past this wizened woman... no one is safe from her eagle eye. And she is fearless enough to let them know it! See the highlight clip here: https://onezed.dstv.com/show/zuba/the-grand-lady-has-arrived-zuba/video

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Fully aware that some covert business deals have been conducted, Thando confronts Joshua. This leads to one of the biggest Sosala family blow-outs of the season. Ultimately, Phingiwe and Thando find themselves tossed out onto the streets while Charles, Joshua and Suwi toast to a delicious victory. Watch the highlight here: https://onezed.dstv.com/show/zuba/amily-fiasco-zuba/video

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A declaration of war is made. There is a deep chasm within the family, and teams form. Phingiwe uses her many years of experience as a seasoned 'fighter' to guide Thando's battle strategy. 

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