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Zuba Season 1 concludes

31 March 2020
Fire, Spice and everything Nice!

Zambia’s first telenovela had us all buzzing and on the edge of our seats ALL SEASON LONG. Now as Season 1 concludes, we have rounded up some of the moments that represent the shows biggest end-of season takeaways!

To start, Phingiwe finally won the contract, but doesn't have nearly enough funding to actually see it through. This sends Joshua and Suwi a-plotting once again, and Joshua soon offers to ‘help’ fund his mother.

Zuba and Thando set off for the village, and here, Zuba's feelings for Thando grow stronger than ever.

Back in the Sosala household, Maliwa is fired and Suwi promises Leya, Maliwa's job in exchange for information. This leads to Suwi and Joshua finding out about Thando's visit to the village factory. Soon afterwards, Thando and Zuba are attacked.

Suwi hires a new P.A in further efforts to destabilize Phingiwe. Things only get worse for Phingiwe when Charles tells her he wants a divorce.

In a flurry, Tasha arrived in Maluba village and completely blew Leya's cover! Leya still managed to steal some designs for Suwi, who viciously tried to sabotage the fashion show.

Just then, things start to turn around for Phingiwe, and Charles begins to have second thoughts about the divorce.

It’s Suwi’s turn to face the heat, and she gets an unexpected shock when her plans go haywire and Leya spills the beans about Zuba!

In the final episode, Kantu played a video for Thando that implicated Suwi in trying to sabotage Phingiwe. And the ultimate cliff-hanger: Thando gets a call from Wana…

Are you ready for #Zuba Season 2? Well then set your reminders, Zuba Season 2 starts on the 6th of April at 20:00 on DStv CH 172!💃