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Zuba and the Sosalas

25 October 2019
A journey of love, emotion & drama between the privileged and underprivileged
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Zuba, Zambian first telenovela premiered on One Zed on 21 October much to the excitement to the fans.

The story revolves around Zuba, a 17-year-old artistically talented girl, is brought to a wealthy city home by her two-faced (super-sweet on the outside, cunning within), rural stepmother, who has brainwashed her innocent mind into believing she needs to work here to support her family, her unwell father, & her younger step-brother and sister.

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The lady is simply looking to make some easy money from Zub and also have her and her expenses move out of their house… so that she and her son and daughter can have a free run of the house & the full attention of her husband. She lies to her husband that she’s sending Zuba off to a family that is willing to sponsor her studies and that it’ll be good for the girl. She also tells Zuba not to tell her father the truth about her working there and leaving her education.

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Though emotional about having to leave her family & friends behind, her schooling, too and venturing out into a world beyond her village for the first time ever.  Zuba cheerfully (as is her demeanor), assures her wicked stepmother that she will be on her best behavior, & work hard in the hope that she can earn enough to soon be reunited with her family.

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Little does she know that her stepmother has bonded her to a long term contract with the employers, the Sosala`s. The Sosala`s household itself isn’t without a horde of colorful characters, & complexities that Zuba is yet unaware of… both, in the servant’s quarters where she works & lives… as well as in the family they work for.

How will her new chapter in her life affect her? How will her father react to her departure?

Catch Zuba every Monday to Wednesday at 20h30 on DStv Access 172 and GOtv 8