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Who are the creators of Zambian comedy? – OneZed

31 January 2022
The Zambian TV and film industry is quickly growing and there are some notable figures making strides in the creation of shows.
OZ Comedy creators

We all have a favourite comedies here on OneZed DStv Channel 172 and GOtv Channel 8, but have you ever wondered who the great minds behind some of these hilarious shows are?

There is a growing population of veteran Zambian creatives encouraging movement in the industry and making sure stories are being written and told, so we have decided to shine a spotlight on them and some of the work they have produced.

Here’s a list of Zambian comedy creators to follow:

Henry B.J. Phiri (Creator and Actor)

Henry, an accomplished theatre, radio and television performer is a familiar face we have all seen on the popular telenovela Zuba, as well as on his own spin-off comedy Uncle Limbani. He has also featured in renowned Zambian films I Am Not A Witch (2017), The Letter (2019) and Bad Timing (2008) and we don’t see him stopping any time soon!

Mumba Makumba (Producer and Creator)

Mumba Makumba has created and produced one of the comedies we enjoy here on OneZed, Landlady Meets Landlord. The series follows the complicated everyday lives of landlords and tenants, with a touch of family drama. Aside from Landlady Meets Landlord, Mumba has also worked on the first season of the comedy series simply titled “Landlady” and Kachy’s Brew.

Aubrey Luo (Creator and Actor)

Shi Mumbi is one of those comedies that always leaves a lasting impression on the audience and there is no doubt that Zambia loves it! Audrey Luo is not only the brains behind this show, but he is also responsible for bringing the main character, Rex to life and he promises to bring something we have never seen on the Zambian comedy scene. Keep a look out for what he is cooking up and tune in for the launch of Shi Mumbi season two starting on Thursday 3 February 2022 at 21:30, right here on One Zed DStv Channel 172 and GOtv Channel.

Paul Lukwesa (Producer)

Paul, the producer of Security Guard, features Tom and Jerry-like relationships in the comedy series that revolves around the Tizadyanabo security guards’ work tendencies and how they affect the company’s progress. Make sure you tune in for more crazy moments with Alibaba and crew every Friday at 21:30hrs, right here on One Zed DStv Channel 172 and GOtv Channel.

Jonas Mumba (Scriptwriter)

Jonas, a veteran artist, produced Spoiler, a “dark comedy” series which follows the life of a spoiled brat called Spoiler. This character’s main objective is to make sure he gets his way but this ambition creates an endless thread of horror and misfortune for him and everyone else involved. Make sure you tune in for the chaos every Friday at 21:30hrs, right here on OneZed DStv Channel 172 and GOtv Channel to see where Jonas Mumba is taking Spoiler’s story.

As you can see, the individuals behind some of the most enjoyed Zambian comedies are multitalented as they are found behind the scenes and in front of the camera.

Make sure you join us for good laugh on Thursday and Friday nights, right here on OneZed DStv Channel 172 and GOtv Channel 8!