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Who are Kweza’s Council of Elders? – One Zed

01 December 2021
Everyone wants to know who is behind the mentorship and momentum on the Kweza business reality tv show.
Council of Elders

By now, one of the commonly asked questions on our social media is, “who are the four Council of Elders in Kweza?”. Most of the show’s fans have been wondering what the four individuals do and what qualifies them to occupy important chairs in Zambia’s newest progressive and empowering television show. 

We decided to take it upon ourselves to dig into the lives of the Elders we take business advise from on Thursday nights.  

Here is what we found out about the incredible four: 

Elder Namaya-Morero Mbikusita-Lewanika (Investment Services & HR Lead) 


“I’ll tell you for free that finding the best possible financial options for your business requires patience.” 

As a present member of the Economics Association of Zambia, it comes as no surprise that this powerhouse snagged a seat to help guide entrepreneurs on Kweza. She boasts many years of experience in financial services, project design & implementation, business planning and business development service provision.  You can see this in the way she asks contestants questions that require them to step out of the box in their business processes.  

Elder Bridget Kambombe (Social Entrepreneur and PR expert) 


“I see myself as a change agent. As a change agent you have to step out of your comfort zone to show others that it can be done and you’re not afraid to do it.” 

She set up the first public relations offices for several organisations such as Airtel. She has worked with PWC and Trade Kings, making an impact across the health, education, youth and women empowerment sectors. She is a social entrepreneur who has grown a PR and Communications agency. Elder Bridget can unlock the creative power of your business to take it to another level.  

Elder David Kombe (Entrepreneur with diverse Investment interests) 


“I always emphasise, and it is my philosophy, that we have to be the best in everything that we do.” 

At the top of his investments among many is Mulungu Holdings, a family-owned enterprise with investments in Blackdot Media – a company he formed when he was a young man at 23 years old. It is his desire to see Zambians pursuing their entrepreneurial ambitions. Elder David will make you question the spending habits of your business and uncover areas where your business could expand.  

Elder Jito Kayumba (Investment Professional) 


“Growth is not random. Rather, it occurs according to a plan that eventually determines that size or shape of anyone or anything.” 

Elder Jito is on the show to share everything he knows to make sure that entrepreneurs move their business in the right direction for success. On the internet, you will find him dropping inspiring quotes on his Twitter timeline, something one can always look forward to reading. He is also recently a Special Assistant to the President of Zambia so one can only imagine that he is full of wisdom and knowledge that even the president finds valuable! 

There you have it! The four experienced judges of our exciting business reality tv show Kweza! 

Make sure you watch #Kweza every Thursday at 19:00hrs on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5.