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When sisters-in-law fight – Amooye

17 January 2022
Many people wish for a lovely sister-in-law relationship, but Mutale seems to be getting further away from achieving this.
When Mutale and Tiza fought

Mutale’s life has taken many turns since the first season of Amooye started, but one important thorn in the flesh we have seen tormenting her constantly, is her sister-in-law Tiza. Tiza recently visited her brother James and his wife Muta, but her stay in the house has been a sore wound for the OneZed couple.

In recent episodes of Amooye, we have seen the two women scrambling to show who the better woman is – and all we can imagine is; it will end in tears.

Here is a look at how the sisters-in-law have contributed to the fire we see burning on the horizon.


  • Ever since Tiza moved into her brother’s house, she has been trying to call all the shots despite the presence of Mutale, his wife.
  • She calls Mutale’s home “my house” and has made herself comfortable enough to cook whenever she likes, frequently making comments about how Mutale doesn’t cook for her husband.
  • She smells something fishy about Mutale’s behaviour and her contribution to her troubled marriage, so she recently embarked on a mission to search Mutale’s bedroom for anything that could be evidence for Mutale’s infidelity.
  • She disapproves of Mutale’s “millennial behaviour”, scrutinising her tendencies to eat before her husband is “awake and bathed”.
  • She is constantly hounding Mutale, always present in the background of the house carefully watching her every move.

This is one overprotective sister, but is she wrong if she accurately suspects her brother is being cheated on by his wife? 🤔



  • Mutale’s marriage was on the rocks when she discovered that she was pregnant and is unsure who the father of her unborn child is after her brief involvement with her secret boyfriend, Daniel.
  • It could be the pregnancy hormones, but Mutale seems as if she can’t stand her husband James, evidenced by the way she harshly speaks to him. Tiza has been noticing this too.
  • Mutale also can’t stand the way Tiza shows no respect for boundaries. Remember the day when James received a call from her in the wee hours of the morning asking if his clothes for the next day were ironed? Mind you, they were in the same house!
  • While preparing for an unexpected dinner for James and his newfound friend Daniel (the secret boyfriend), Mutale intentionally made Tiza taste food and she badly reacted, leading to the dinner getting cancelled. Muta knew Tiza would cause drama for the couple and asked about this secret boyfriend at the dinner table.

Despite the differences between Tiza and Mutale, it appears Mutale has become a better wife to James now that she makes him breakfast, of course after receiving much criticism from her sister-in-law.

We are interested in observing how this relationship transforms as the season comes to an end.

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