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What will Tamara do? – Mpali

30 June 2021
Ideas are fast running out!
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What is the worst thing you’ve done to get out of being caught in a lie? Some people run away, some cry, and other just deny!

We’ve all told a lie: whether big or small is of course relative to you. The thing with lies though is that they almost always come to the surface and one has to deal with the consequences. As all our beloved #Mpali fans know, Hambe and Tamara have been having an affair, but let’s be fair to everyone else who maybe doesn’t know the show too well.

Here’s a quick recap:

Hambe is Nguzu and Junza’s son. Tamara has come to the farm to be with Nguzu, but let’s say her curiosity got the best of her and she ended up being distracted 😉 by Hambe. She is however not willing to lose Nguzu over her affair with Hambe, because Nguzu is the one with money and the one that saved her from a life of poverty. Her father was violent and abandoned her mother. Unfortunately, her mother was so obsessed with making money, she was willing to sell Tamara to the highest bidder.

Back to the present: It seems Hambe has caught feelings and he wants to speak to Tamara about the affair and their unborn baby. Instead, she’s remained adamant that the child is not his, but Nguzu’s – and is leaving the farm!

Tamara is lying about being pregnant to both Hambe and Nguzu. She’s run out of ideas now and has gone to her sisters place. What will she do next?

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