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What’s happening in OneZed Comedy?

04 March 2022
Here’s why we look forward to ending the week with OneZed comedy.
OneZed Comedy

OneZed DStv Channel 172 and GOtv Channel 8 is the home of authentic Zambian entertainment and our Thursdays and Fridays are filled with rib cracking comedies and funnies from some of the country’s favourite characters.

On Thursdays, Shi Mumbi takes center stage with the season still in its early days. The comedy show starts at 21:30hrs and we follow Shi Mumbi’s crazy love life which is surrounded by confusion and sometimes driven by jealously. Rex is trying to keep his marriage to calm Bana Mumbi intact but he is slowly gaining interest in Belinda, a very bright and curious character. Make sure you tune into how his life unfolds as new relationships are forms.

On Fridays, the weekend is welcomes off by Landlady Meets Landlord which starts at 20:30hrs. We follow the crazy lives of landlords Laban and Lizzie who are trying to get along but their “Tom and Jerry” like behaviour gives us no hope of seeing unity between the two in-laws any time soon. Mwila, Lizzie’s son is also trying to get Malingose’s attention through Thandie but Malingose is a traditional woman who believes in men shooting their own shot and not through messengers. Make sure you tune in to see if she gives him a chance at love.

Right after chaos in the compound, Spoiler takes over the OneZed screen at 21:00hrs with the main character Spoiler coming up all types of schemes to make money, find love or attain fame. This week, Spoiler has a queue of ladies lined up for auditions to become his wife. It is officially the weekend at 21:30hrs when The Security Guard hits our screens with another dose of laugher as we follow the Tizadyanabo guards navigating through all the trouble they find themselves in and mostly in the hands of cunning Alibaba. This week he is on a campaign program to become the guards’ new union representative. Will his moves to achieve this leadership position win their hearts?

Make sure you tune in for all this fantastic comedy nights every Thursday and Friday, right here on OneZed DStv Channel 172 and GOtv Channel 8.