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What is marriage material? – Tuvwange

10 June 2021
Tuvwange Lifestyle is back on OneZed, and it’s back with a bang!
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The ladies of Tuvwange kicked off season 2 with an internationally acclaimed guest, photographer Chellah Tukuka. Chellah shared some of the qualities that attracted him to his wife and what his wife saw in him.

The ladies discussed what the term ‘marriage material’ means. Mutale felt that it is how you position yourself in such a way that you are looked at as a wife or a husband. Esther felt that this was in a way, “trapping” someone, because one isn’t being real, and they are performing a version of themselves that’s not authentic.

They did agree that there are certain qualities that we all look for in a partner and we think, “this is a person I could actually get married to, because they have certain qualities that I am looking for”.

These were Mutale’s qualities that she looks for:

  1. He is rich
  2. He goes to church
  3. He must love my son
  4. He is fatherly
  5. He is considerate

What are some of the qualities that you look for in a partner?

Next week the ladies will be discussing how to deal with infidelity. How do you go from having this person that has all the qualities you love, to them being unfaithful? This should be an interesting one.