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Welcoming an uninvited wedding guest – Umutenge

03 March 2021
Granny and Emerald's wedding day took a wrong turn when an unannounced bride showed up.
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On a day that was supposed to be the start of her happily-ever after, Granny got the shock of her life when her husband’s skeletons came tumbling out of the closet in human form; Nancy crashed their wedding wearing a white wedding gown of her own!

Emerald, a businessman, wanted his bread buttered on both sides and promised both ladies marriage. And when his heart finally settled on Granny, he thought that was the end of his on-and-off relationship with Nancy. Little did he know that this was the start of all his troubles.

As if the humiliation was not enough, Nancy made her intentions to be part of their family known, forcing herself into their home as the second wife. No greater fraud than a promise not kept!

A love triangle always ends in tears, but not for Nancy. After so many broken promises this was an opportunity for her to score and get as much as possible out of Emerald. And we can only imagine how their lives will pan out as the show continues because a woman scorned always has an ace up her sleeve.

Do you think she could have handled the situation better and spared Granny the humiliation, or was she right to expose Emerald’s two-timing ways?

She could have let it go

Hurt and anger makes you do the strangest things, but in this particular situation Nancy could have chosen to walk away and let all of this go. Going to the lengths she did to find a gown and track down the couple on their big day just to make herself known was too much. Although revenge is a dish best served cold, sometimes it’s not worth it. Closing the door on her relationship with Emerald and walking away would have been the better option.

She did the right thing 

Nancy is not the one with secrets in this triangle. Emerald is the one that was supposed to be honest with both ladies from the start. Nancy was absolutely correct and well within her rights to show up on Granny’s big day to expose Emerald for who he is. Also, it’s been said you have to fight for what’s yours – and Nancy did exactly that. If Nancy loves Emerald and is comfortable with being wife number 2, then so be it!

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