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Wednesday win-spiration – Turn of Fortune

26 July 2020
Wrapping up our winning Wednesday night show
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Turn of Fortune has given us all an awe-inspiring reality check into life on Lusaka’s streets. As the drama series draws to a close, we relive- some of the its most riveting moments.

Based on a true story, the show’s hero - Ziphe, is a young boy who ran away from his dysfunctional family only to end up as a street kid in Lusaka. It is here where a street gang adopted him, and he became fully immersed in a cold and gritty underworld, armed with a new name ‘David’.

Chileshe was the first causality of David’s new life, and his death shone a light on an unexpected brotherhood and code of honour among the young street guerrillas. Chileshe’s brothers rallied by going from shop to shop in central Lusaka to fundraise for Chileshe's burial.

Quickly, a primal need for survival spurred them all to move on. Then a narrow escape from a failed robbery saw Komando (the gang’s leader) catch a bullet and barely cling to his dear life. This jarring incident proved to be a turning point in all the boys lives, and they began to look for alternative avenues for survival away from begging and crime.

However, shaking off their affiliation to the local Mafia and making a clean break was never going to be easy; and Krimino and Clive reverted back to the fast life rather than face the uncertainty of a fresh start.

Despite the trials and dangers that are ever present in their world, there is hope yet for the boys that continue on a path of restoration and rebuilding. Church and music offer a way out of the doom and gloom, but do they have the heart to persevere and breakthrough?


Tune into #TurnOfFortune every Wednesday at 20:30hrs on DStv CH 172 or GOtv CH 8 and watch the drama unfold.