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Umutenge Season 2 makes an explosive Intro

20 April 2020
Umutenge Premieres 20 April 2020

Umutenge Season 2 revolves around 2 sisters: Mrs Chingala and Mrs Silwamba, who are facing vastly differing fortunes.

Mrs Chingala is down and out, having just been rejected and evicted from her marital home consequently forcing her to seek refuge at her sisters. As her options to find an alternative place to stay decrease, she realises that she in fact has nowhere to go. Mrs Silwamba in contrast, seems to have it all. A doting husband, security, and an array of creature comforts.

As the story progresses, the afflicted sister must come to terms with the fact that her own blood feels that she has overstayed her welcome thus setting the motion to chase her from her house.

Frustration breeds anger, which in turn breeds resentment and ultimately manifests as vengeance. Pretty soon, Mrs Changala is determined to steal her sister's marriage. Fake smiles are flashed, crocodile tears are cried and traps are laid out to see the plans into fruition.

Will the sibling succeed in winning over Mr Silwamba and will the tension in the Silwambe household come to rest? With the situation spiralling out of control, Umutenge Season 2 unleashes a no-holds-barred fight for the survival of a marriage versus survival on the streets! Wits, charms, and guns a blazing!

#Umutenge Season 2 on premieres on  Monday 20th April on One Zed DStv CH 162 - and GOtv CH 8 at 19:30.