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Snakes and Ladders


Turn of Fortune: What it’s all about

17 April 2020

The story follows a boy - Ziphe - who grows up in abusive circumstances and hardships. One night, in an attempt to protect his mother from yet another battering, he strikes his father on the head with a heavy object. Thinking he has killed his father, Ziphe flees from home carrying the untenable burden of guilt - and exiled to survive on the streets.


Now a fugitive, Ziphe finds himself at railway yard where he sneaks into an open wagon-and wakes up in Lusaka. Ziphe changes his name to ‘David’, and quickly learns that survival on the streets is best achieved in numbers. Opportunity strikes when ‘David’ comes across a group of street kids-and joins their “den”. Keen to belong, David must prove himself to this new ‘family’, even resorting to violence to do so. Still, death and bad decisions haunt the young group of desperados – caught between survival and an unfriendly, unforgiving world. Can Ziphe/David hold onto who he truly is? Or will he become consumed by the street life?


Turn of Fortune portrays the reality of the harshness of life lived on the streets, the marginalization and dejection experienced by street kids - as well as - predators that prowl to see whom they can devour. It also speaks to faith and hope, and to how a few good men can turn even the worst of fortunes around.


Turn of Fortune airs every Monday at 19.30hrs one DStv Channel 172. You can also catch the riveting drama on GOtv Channel 8.