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Tips and tricks for our singletons – DMF Botswana

17 May 2021
A new season hit our #OneZed shores!
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Date My Family helps singletons find love by send them on dates with their potential partners family. Can you really trust your family to help you find love?

One bachelor/bachelorette goes onto the show every week and meets with three different families in an attempt to find the one. They meet with the families who cook them a meal and at the end of the three days, picks their date on how well the family represented their single.

We want to look at some of the questions one should definitely ask and the questions one should ask in order to score themselves a date.

Questions to ask the family about the singleton:

  • What would their perfect date comprise of?
  • What kind of music are they into?
  • What are their favourite things to watch?
  • Are they single?
  • What are their non-negotiables (deal breakers)
  • What do you do for a living?
  • Are they allergic to anything?
  • Do you have children and how many?

Questions not to ask the singleton:

  • Do you have a car?
  • Why did their last relationship not work out?
  • What’s their body count?
  • How much do they drink?
  • Any questions about the ex!!
  • How much money do you make?

We would love to hear what some of your do’s and don’ts are!

Join our first single for the season in their pursuit for love on Wednesday and let’s see if these hopefuls will be represented fairly on #DMFBots at 19:00hrs on #OneZed DStv CH 172 and GOtv CH 8.