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This week on One Zed: 23-29 April

23 April 2018
Here is what you can look forward to this week.

What can you this week on your favourite channel, OneZed TV this week? 

Monday to Wednesday at 20h30

Expect some drama in What A Life. It is James funeral and the family of the deceased lament due to the fact that he bore no children. The drama does not stop even after the deceased is burried. On the other hand, Mwansa is grilled over James' death and Doctor Jere admonishes nurse Bwalya on how to uphold medical ethics.

1524495882 34 whatalife

What A Life is a series that depicts an African way of life, culture, belief, tradition and superstitions. The drama series brings out the day-to-day happenings in our communities and attempt to offer solutions as a way of giving hope to the general society.

1524486178 34 pashabin web

Tuesday at 21h00.

It's comedy Tuesday on One Zed TV. On Pa Shabin, you get to hang out with Dr. Wawa, a local brewer who deals with all kinds of personalities as he runs his business. Some ask him for beer on credit while others come to him for advice and over and above that, he has to deal with his nagging and bossy wife. 

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18h00 - Dreams

21h00 - Chikwati Chatu

We kickstart your evening with Dreams, Zambia's hottest music talent search show. It focuses on discovering upcoming music stars and make them into instant national-wide icons.

Then in Chikwati Chatu you get to share the bride and grooms special day - how cool is that! Last week, we featured the wedding of Mr and Mrs Njelenje. Incase you missed it, here are some images of their big day:


Thursday at 20h30

Catch Mu8teen the drama series that showcases the dreams of young footballers who wish to make it out of the hustles of their poor neighbourhood. Missed last week's episode? Click the video below to watch it: 


ATI HOW - 19H30

Kalibu - 20h00

ATI HOW,  a colloquial shout out term for 'whats happening' is a music video request show that is hosted by Sashiska. In Kalibu, we profile popular Zambian musicians. 

1524486659 34 kalibu

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