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Snakes and Ladders


This week on One Zed | 8 - 14 October

08 October 2018
Here's what we've lined up for this week on Zambia's leading entertainment channel, One Zed Tv, GOtv channel 8.
<p>Natasha Van Der Maas Zathu</p>

A WIFE FROM ABOVE | Mondays at 21h30

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This drama is about a  story about a young girl BUPE played by (Perpetual Joy Mwape) whose education, pride and innocence are taken away from her because of her beauty which threatened her mother into giving her own daughter to her stepfather for the sake of him continuing to be the breadwinner.

Shadows | Mondays at 21h00

Mwaka is discharged from the hospital and her father is anxious to learn where his wife is. Well... the wife lives across town and shes' privately married to an interesting individual. Meanwhile, Peggy’s lover is traced… but is he ready to take responsibility for her pregnancy?

What A Life | Monday - Wednesdays at 20h30

Pregnant Chipasha drinks alcohol out of spite. Yeyeye insists on smoking despite his mental health. Lewis receives an unusual safety gift from his stepmother. Then the consistent landlord follows up on rentals owed by the judge

Ma Jimbo | Tuesdays at 21h00 

Papa Ndogo, the witch doctor gets a shock of his life, when an old mate visits him and recognizes him.

Ma Jimbo is a situational comedy,  derived from everyday awkward situations that are turned into comedic ounces. With a touch of parody, it follows the lives of four young men and a lady, living in a compound and who find themselves in humorous and satirical situations which are enhanced by the people around them.

Our Perfect Wedding Zambia | Wednesdays at 21h00

This week, we feature the wedding of George and Abi who receive a surprise guest artist – Ma Africa.

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Cotgrit | Thursdays at 20h30 

Mama Mwape makes a promise she does not intend to keep. Meanwhile Chanda is radicalized by Mwape. 

Third Will | Thursdays at 21h00 

Maureen and Rooney finally get a chance to have a conversation. Pedro finds himself in a sticky situation. Charlotte pays Lucia a visit and gives her a warning.  Ivette goes on a date and Michael is not a happy about it.

Zed Top 10 | Fridays at 21h00

1539007856 34 zed top ten 1

Zed Top Ten is a music countdown show that celebrates ten of the biggest hits in the Zambia. Dance and celebrate music with the biggest stars in Zambia. Last week we featured B'Flow. If you missed it, click on the video below to WATCH some of the highlights:

Zathu Season 2 | Premieres on 13 October at 19h00 

You're used to catching Zathu every Sundays but Season 2 will run on Saturdays from 19h00. Your host Natasha will take you on a  journey in Zambia to explore the arts, culture and lifestyle.

ZATHU is a Chewa word from the eastern part of Zambia, which means OURS. 

One Zed Tv airs on GOtv channel 8