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This week on One Zed: 7 - 13 May

07 May 2018
Here's what is coming up on OneZed this week
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This week we say hello to the following exciting NEW SHOWS on your leading entertainment channel One Zed Tv:

 Bogade | Tuesday 8 May at 21h00

1525699443 34 web bogade

Smoke, Mwansa and Mulenga are left to take care of the house after their parents leave for the USA. Pandemonium breaks out in the house as the unruly kids get out of control. Their parents decide that their uncle, Jumbe from the village should move in with them and brings a rather new dimension to the politics of the house.

Behind Faces | Monday & Tuesday at 21h30

1525701009 34 behind faces web

Jane an insurance manager convinces Misozi her close friend to fake death in order to engage Charles to plan a small funeral for the insurance claim of $1000 000.

Umtenge | Thursday 10 May at 20h30

1525705090 34 umtenge web

Umutenge is a drama series which is aimed at exposing culprits and educating victims about the hidden domestic violence acts in a typical Zambian society.

Third Will | Thursday 10 May at 21h00

This is story of family turmoil’s gushed with love, money, power and greed about two half-brothers waging war over a multibillion dollar company known as ‘Meat Expo’ left behind by their late father. There is chaos and deception within the family and all others affected by his last Will and Testament.

Paya One | Sunday at 20h00

1525701106 34 paya one web 2

PAYA ONE is an urban hype hip hop TV show that originates from Lusaka, Zambia. Paya One is an electric high energy and fast paced show that celebrates all aspects of urban African hip hop culture. It showcases Zambia’s young talent, featuring dance, music, art, skating, fashion and more.

The other shows carry on as normal:

  • What A Life - Monday to Wednesday at 20h30
  • Shadows - Monday at 21h00

One Zed Tv airs on GOtv channel 8.