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This week on One Zed | 6 - 12 August

05 August 2018
Here's what we've lined up for you this week on One Zed TV.
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Last week, it was the season finale for Bogade, Umutenge and The Third Will Season 1. This week we welcome spanking new shows, a comedy, drama, and a reality series next week to ensure that you stay entertained.  Click here to read more about these shows. 

Here's what we've lined up for you this week on One Zed tv. 

Shadows | Mondays at 21h00

Mwaka was passed off as a non-fighter. But her exploration of the room of her captivity shows she is on to something. The Elder’s wife informs Marjory that the Elder has no more complaints and that she is welcome to stay after all.

What A Life | Monday - Wednesdays at 20h30

There's no honor among criminals as Toby’s cruel intentions of murder backfire. The prodigal daughter Lisa forgiven but her past threatens the peace.   

Judge Chifundo organizes secret wedding to finally wed one of his women as her patience wears thin. Doctor Jere finds himself mediating marriage reconciliation for his colleague

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Nzali gate-crashes her fiancée’s secret wedding. Toby determined to withdraw criminal case for fear of complications. Lewis and Yeyeye cross paths again for the first time since fighting.

Behind Faces  Season 2 | Mondays  at 21h30

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Dux visits Vivian's house. Susan is still in hospital while Misozi is on the run.

Ma Jimbo | Tuesdays at 21h00 | SEASON PREMIERE

In the season premiere of Ma Jimbo,Joseph walks in on Yobo and his girlfriend spending quality time together, he starts demanding for Yobo to pay him his money back.

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Cotgrit | Thursdays at 20h30 | SEASON PREMIERE

This week's episode relives an event that happened a long time ago when Chief Nshimbi's son Kayula, was presumed dead in a crocodile attack.

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Third Will | Thursdays at 21h00 | SEASON 2 PREMIERE 

The Kamati family take many drastic measures to cover up their tracks. Meanwhile, Grace is still inquisitive about where her father is. Maureen is in a really bad situation and Thomas gets into a squabble with Michael.

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One Zed Tv airs on GOtv channel 8