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Snakes and Ladders


This week on One Zed | 4 - 10 November

04 November 2019
Here's what we've lined up for you this week.

Landlady | Monday, Wednesday & Friday  | 18h30

Lizzy confronts Fridah over empty beer bottles while Mwila and Maria are caught up in a love bubble. Jose is unhappy with Agnes as he suspects something fishy while Fridah wonders where Masuzyo gets money. Meanwhile, Phiri finally has a suspect for the missing radio and Lizzy demands that the tenants pay for electricity. 

Zuba | Monday to Wednesday |  20h30

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Zuba's father (Mainza) is discharged from the hospital and finds out that he was poisoned. Lute blames Zuba for everything who later celebrate the success of their plan with Limbani.  Thando finds Natasha and Zuba is shocked to find out that she's been misled. 

Watch the highlights here: 

Isidingo | Monday to Friday at 19h00

Sechaba begs Nina for help but chillingly, she declines. Aphiwe accepts Gabriel's offer but struggles to let go of her crush on Calvin. Nina and Lerato meet at the police station and all hell breaks loose. Charlie marks her territory in the face of circling Aphiwe. 

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Generations | Monday to Friday at 19h30

Mazwi is eager to help Tau carry out his plan, Jonathan gets great news and its all thanks to Lesedi. Tshidi is furious when she finds out she was tricked. Esther realizes Cosmo could be her next meal-ticket. Smanga seethes when he is deliberately humiliated. Karabo cant take Zola's treatment of her and flees. Two old friends rediscover themselves as lovers. Mary meets a rich sugar daddy and decided to make him hers. Gadaffi is starting to have second thoughts about his plan. 

Collision | Monday & Tuesday | 21h30


Ken is in a coma, inspector Phiri questions Katongo in his presence and a lot about her past is revealed. George thinks Miriam is behind Miyoba's murder, so he hires an assassin to kill her. 

Fever | Tuesday | 21h00

The net is closing in on Masozi and Rex's man is getting closer. Despite Mwisho assuring her safety, Masozi decides to take matters into her own hands. 

Tiwine | Wednesday | 21h00

Tiwine is a heart-warming story of courage and breakthrough, a young girl defies odds and enrolls for college after deserting an abusive marriage.

Date My Family Zambia | Wednesday | 21h00

This week, Chinyimba Daisy Lusumpa is a 25-year-old TV personality who has had to endure and off and on relationship for a while is looking for love. She remained single for a few months to refocus on her career and now she feels she is ready to get back in the saddle and tackle this obstacle called relationships. Will she finally meet her Mr. Right?

Watch last week's episode here:

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Spoiler | Thursday | 20h00

Spoiler is a dark comedy of a spoiled brat who punishes anyone who gets in his way, each spoiler escapade is stuffed with relentless wit and a little horror.

Security Guard | Thursday | 20h30

Tizadyanabo security guards get wrongly awarded, causing commotion and chaos. 

Friday | My Story | 20h00

This week, we feature Justice Lombe Chibesakunda, one of Zambia's most accomplished people. Hailing from a royal household, she sets her heights higher than that of traditional royalty. If you missed last’s week's story, watch it here:

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