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Snakes and Ladders


This week on One Zed | 26 November - 2 December

26 November 2018
Here's what you can expect this week on One Zed Tv GOtv channel 8.
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Muvhangho | Monday to Friday at 19h00

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Humbulani receives devastating news. Mapule refuses to believe that her brother is capable of stealing money. Agnes is feeling homesick.

Isidingo | Monday to Friday at 19h30

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A daily serial set in a mining village. The structure of the mining community from the lowliest workers to management reflects SA society as it is in the new millennium.

Generations | Monday to Friday at 20h00

Sibusiso appeals to MJ to move from behind Mawande’s apron strings. Jason gives Nicholas an ultimatum that puts Hashtag World's future in jeopardy.

Mfuti  | Mondays at 20h30

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There is great unrest in Mahundu village, as two villagers are mysteriously gunned down.

A Wife From Above | Mondays at 21h30

Stella’s past haunts her. She takes G.G in place of her freedom. Michael visits the brothel and meets with Stella. Michael reminds Stella of Daniel, her first love.

Landlord | Tuesdays at 20h30 

Tembo`s miss pronunciation of Roman Virgo's name upsets him. Mya gets into trouble for not cooperating with the rules.

If you missed last week's episode, click ont the video below to WATCH:

Our Perfect Wedding Zambia  | Wednesdays at 20h30

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Who said there is no such thing as a second chance at love? Reverend Floribert and Queen defy the odds. We join the widowers as they celebrate their wedding.

Igazi  | Thursday at 21h00

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Bantu meets Phumza. Nomzuzu's attempts to make peace with Jonga don't go as planned. Later, Bantu is arrested for the murder of King Vulamazulu.

Zed Top 10 | Fridays at 21h00

We are doing it all over again this week — Zed Top Ten is a music countdown show that celebrates ten of the biggest hits in the Zambia. 

Zathu Season 2 | Saturdays at 19h00

Hosted by the goergoes Natasha Van Der Maas, Zathu explores the latest art, culture and lifesytle trends in Zambia.   

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One Zed Tv airs on GOtv channel 8.