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This week on One Zed | 21 - 27 October

22 October 2019
Here's what you can look forward to this week.

Zuba | Monday to Wednesday |  20h30

We have been counting down to this day and finally, it's here.

Zuba Season 1 will premiere on 21 October at 20h30. The story is about an innocent, rural teenage girl who has to leave her family & education behind to do a maid’s job with a complex, wealthy urban family where she falls for the young son of the house.

1571923827 34 zuba image 1

In the premiere episode, Zuba has just obtained her school certificate and her dream of going to fashion school can now become a reality. But how easy will it be for her to achieve her dream with her evil stepmother around?

Isidingo | Monday to Friday at 19h00

Katlego inadvertently finds a way to connect with her husband through her ex while the Diale women take advantage of the man of the house. Tshidi goes to check on the #hashtag world and gives the staffers a hard time while Karabo attends a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. 

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Collision | Tuesday & Wednesday | 21h30

This week, Agnes is in a sticky situation as George is on her case - he wants his baby. Meanwhile, Miyoba advices her to kill James. 

Fever | Tuesday | 21h00

Taonga has opened Pandora's box and can't stop himself from chasing after the wrong thing. Rex puts his foot down and makes Hazel do the one thing she dreads the most. 

Tiwine | Wednesday | 21h00

Follow the heartwarming story of courage and breakthrough through the life of a young girl who defies odds and enrolls for college after deserting an abusive marriage.

Date My Family Zambia | Wednesday | 21h00

We help Zambian singletons to find love by sending them on dates with their potential partner's family. 

Spoiler | Thursday | 20h00

Susie’s father must run for his life when he quickly realizes that not all the glitter is gold.

1571991618 34 spoiler ep11

Security Guard | Thursday | 20h30

Every recruitment comes at a price but what happens when recruiters employee only those who win their favour?

Friday | My Story | 20h00

This week we follow the story of Maureen Lilanda, an award-winning songbird as she shares her story on how her talent has taken her across the globe and how she became a famous figure in the music industry.

If you missed last’s week's story, watch here:

Friday | Zone 14 | 21h00

Popeye and Spinach prepare to open up their bank accounts. Vuvu advises Sgonondo to make peace with the rest of his team members. S'khalo visits Nina. Vusi brings muti.


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