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Snakes and Ladders


This week on One Zed |17 - 23 September

17 September 2018
Check your entertainment line-up for this week on Zambia's leading channel, One Zed Tv, GOtv channel 8.
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Shadows | Mondays at 21h00

The Elder is caught in the lie. He has the chance to come clean but he elects to remain silent. Peggy suffers from a blood-related condition which will make her pregnancy a hard experience … if only she can live through it. Marjory has collected from the Elder. Now she must report to her actual boss… and discover that her new ‘client’ is a dead man.

What A Life | Monday - Wednesdays at 20h30

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Mrs Kambafwile hunts down and raises hell at the market place. Doctor examines Sandra and finds her pretty. 

Insubordinate Kholiwe and Lewis brace themselves to face authority. Nzali and Mrs Kambafwile share their dramas. Chipasha feels helpless, as pressure to decide on abortion mounts.

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Kholiwe prioritizes fun and neglects her husband’s well-being but perhaps he is asking for too much. Mapalo’s wife follows him to his work place after suspicious night not spent home.

Behind Faces  Season 2 | Mondays  at 21h30

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Its Susan's wedding day and her grandmother makes sure it happens. When all seems to be working as planned, Dalitso shows up and stops the wedding. Meanwhile, Mr Daka is found unconscience by the maid Bana Mpundu. What or who may have killed him?

Ma Jimbo | Tuesdays at 21h00 

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Someone has stolen Lovemore’s mask and he is now using a box to cover his face. He pleads with the general public for a well-wisher to buy him a mask. Then Joseph runs into a girl who was dating Yobo, Joseph teases her… asking her if she is still dating Yobo and even drinks some of her beer, then her current boyfriend appears and he takes Joseph to task, to explain what he is doing with his girlfriend.

Our Perfect Wedding Zambia | Wednesdays at 21h00

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This week we feature Floyd and Rachel's wedding. After a brief meeting and exchange of contacts, a whirlwind romance blossomed leading to their union in 3 months.

Cotgrit | Thursdays at 20h30 

The rivalry between Dance Trainers Mwape and Muselepete worsens.

If you missed last week's episode, click on the video below to watch some of the highlights:

Third Will | Thursdays at 21h00 

Thomas confronts Lucia about the Will. Rebecca gets suspicious of how close Ivette and Michael are together. Charlotte visits Grace and Maureen with dire consequences. Beukes gets involved in a Rhino horn deal.

Zed Top 10 | Fridays at 21h00

Zed Top Ten is a music countdown show that celebrates ten of the biggest hits in the Zambia. Dance and celebrate music with the biggest stars in Zambia.

Zathu | Sundays at 20h00 

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The Zambian movie industry was treated to a very educative week at the Sotambe film festival, women included.

One Zed Tv airs on GOtv channel 8