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This week on One Zed | 16 - 20 Dec

16 December 2019
Wonderful week to catch up on your favourite shows!

Monday - Generations - 19:30

After being rejected, Mazwi seeks solace in his lovers arms while Gaddafi is fuming when he finds out he has been betrayed. But love is on the horizon once again for Karabo and Tau as they seek to rekindle their love.

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Tuesday - Mfuti - 21:00

It's drama galore in the thrilling show Mfuthi. There's incredible commotion as Mrs Choonga accidentally shoots the wrong person! Be sure to catch it all on One Zed!

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Wednesday - Zuba - 20:30

Will Charlies lover listen after she's given her marching orders? And Wana has a stern warning lined up for Zuba!

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Thursday - Spoiler - 20:00

Laugh till it hurts with the hilarious Spoiler! This week Spoiler stands face to face with his prey who is determined to beat him at his own game!

1576484782 34 spoiler

Friday - Njila - 20:00

Wrap up the week with the classic Zambian drama Njila. This week Jane asks Uncle Tom to help her get Tom out of prison. 

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Then catch back to back episodes of Zuba, Generations and more all weekend long on One Zed TV.

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