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Snakes and Ladders


This week on One Zed | 13 - 20 August

13 August 2018
Here's what we've lined up for you this week on One Zed TV.
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Here's what we've lined up for you this week on One Zed tv. 

Shadows | Mondays at 21h00

Peggy’s grandma and cousin cannot get to the bottom of Peggy’s source of cash. Marjory has checked in in the room next to Arnold’s… she is baiting the prey.

What A Life | Monday - Wednesdays at 20h30

Man of the house found in awkward position. In frustration, Yeyeye finds himself thinking aloud. Nzali tries her hardest to settle her past, with a cheque.

Yeyeye is defiant and won’t lose Lisa without a fight. Crucial succeeds with promises. The Lady rightly insists on settling the bill on a date.

Chifundo attempts to buy his way into holy matrimony. Mrs Kambafwile desires harmony in their home but Mr Kambafwile is emotionally unavailable. Yeyeye persists but things get grimmer.

Behind Faces  Season 2 | Mondays  at 21h30

Susan's grandmother convinces Mathews to pay damanges for impregnating her grandchild. They meet with the elders and agree on the the price. 

Ma Jimbo | Tuesdays at 21h00 

Lovemore, a famous local thief who is always giving interviews, updating the public about his business as a thief, claims that the Zambian public has become way too serious with their security and it has been difficult for him to steal anything the past few days.

Cotgrit | Thursdays at 20h30 

This week's episode, Chief Nshimbi has offered his daughter (Kasuba) to marry any young man who will win the dancing competition he plans to host.

Third Will | Thursdays at 21h00 

Charlotte is convinced that Lucia is not as innocent as she claims and portrays to be. Michael tries to juggle his relationship with Ronnel while dealing with his complicated ever growing feelings for Ivette.

One Zed Tv airs on GOtv channel 8