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This week on One Zed | 12 - 18 November

12 November 2018
Here's what to expect on One Zed Tv (GOtv channel 8) this week.
el mukuka, dj/producer el mukuka, zambia's dj el mukuka, zambia's dj

November started on a high note here on – One Zed Tv! Two shows premiered last week while this week we unveil another two exciting shows – Mfuti and Our Perfect Wedding Season 2! Here's what else we've lined up for you this week.

Mfuti Season 1 premiere  | Mondays at 20h30

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In the season premiere of Mfuti, a gun ends up at Mahundu village after Jack, the robber loses it during a gun-fight with the police.

A Wife From Above | Mondays at 21h30

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Gee.Gee pleads with Michael for forgiveness. Michael takes out his anger on his mother. G.G overhears Michael’s prayer and he makes up for hurting Michael. 

Landlord | Tuesdays at 20h30 | Season 1 Premiere

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Tembo unleashes the whip on his new tenants, He sets what he calls 'commandments' that the tenants need to follow without fail.

Our Perfect Wedding Zambia Season 2 premiere  | Wednesdays at 20h30

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This week we feature  Manas and Gloria's wedding. Manas is not only an R&B singer, but also a Ward Councilor and Gloria is a staunch gospel singer. Join us as they celebrate their wedding day.

Igazi  | Thursday at 21h00

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Bantu's nightmares continue while everyone is shocked by the death of the King. Queen Nomzuzu calls on Noxolo to bring Bantu to Mgwenyane.

Zed Top 10 | Fridays at 21h00

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We are doing it all over again this week — Zed Top Ten is a music countdown show that celebrates ten of the biggest hits in the Zambia. This week, our guest is none other than DJ and producer El Mukuka.

Zathu Season 2 | Saturdays at 19h00

Hosted by the goergoes Natasha Van Der Maas, Zathu explores the latest art, culture and lifesytle trends in Zambia.  ZATHU is a Chewa word from the eastern part of Zambia, which means OURS. 

One Zed Tv airs on GOtv channel 8