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Snakes and Ladders


This week on One Zed | 11 - 17 November

12 November 2019
Here's what you can look forward to this week on Zambia's TOP entertainment destination.
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Zuba | Monday to Wednesday |  20h30

Zuba is conflicted about what to do about her situation and Mainza sets out to look for his daughter. Thando announces the arrival of his fiancé while Limbani and Lute continue their plotting against Zuba. Back at the Sosala’s Zuba lands in hot water with her boss.

Missed last week’s episode, click on the video below:

Isidingo | Monday to Friday at 19h00

Sechaba can’t take it behind bars anymore and has to choose the lesser of two evils. Aphiwe’s new project takes more of Calvin’s time and Charlie isn't happy about it. Aphiwe crosses a line and there’s no going back. Sechaba’s recent past comes back to haunt him. Samantha has a crush right under her nose. Calvin and Aphiwe’s attraction to each other becomes evident to Katlego. Eddie, inspired by Rajesh’s new take on life, decides to take on Nina in a different way. The rift between Calvin and Charlie widens. Nikiwe puts Sechaba in a deeply compromising position. Brad fails to make good on his promise to Sam. Gabriel will stop at nothing to keep Aphiwe focused on her work with the church and out of trouble. Rajesh has no luck trying to reawaken his flirtation with Angelique

Generations | Monday to Friday at 19h30

Karabo receives a gift from her lover. Lucy issues Esther with a grim warning. Has Gadaffi finally managed to change Tshidi’s mind? Angela is shocked and disgusted when her aunt breaks some big news. Tau almost catches the lovers in the act. Mazwi is furious when Simphiwe defends Smanga. Bra Pops uses his knife to prove he means business. Mary has heart palpitations when she receives a gift. Smanga makes his move but doesn’t get the reaction he hoped for. Cosmo proves to Bra Pops that he has not gone soft, not by a long shot. Karabo asks her husband, Tau for a divorce. Gadaffi can walk again. Tau warns that things are going to get ugly. Esther wants to have a go at a real relationship. Tshidi allows herself to be manipulated all over again.

Collision | Monday & Tuesday | 21h30

Katongo decides to teach Lydia a lesson; she turns to Martha and Milika for help. Miriam rekindles the past relationship she had with the chief inspector of police to get back at George. Miriam is kidnapped by Natalie but Martha witnesses everything. Lydia threatens to submit the financial reports if Ken does not drop the murder charges against her.

Fever | Tuesday | 21h00

Tragedy shakes the Mvula family to the core, threatening to tear them apart. An unexpected silver lining awakens the sleeping warrior in Hazel.

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Date My Family Zambia | Wednesday | 21h00

Date My Family helps singletons find love by sending them on dates with their potential partner’s family. Can you really trust your family to help you find love?

Spoiler | Thursday | 20h00

Spoiler is a dark comedy of a spoiled brat who punishes anyone who gets in his way, each spoiler escapade is stuffed with relentless wit and a little horror.

Security Guard | Thursday | 20h30

Tizadyanabo security guards get wrongly awarded and this causes commotion and chaos.

Friday | My Story | 20h00

What factors led to Roy Clarke almost being exiled from a country he had considered home for  30 years? And what where the effects of the ‘Kalaki’ cartoon illustrations?

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