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The Third Will Season Finale

29 July 2018
A story of two half-brothers waging war over a multibillion-dollar Company Known as ‘Meat Expo’ left behind by their father.
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On 2 August marks the end of the first season of intriguing drama, The Third Will - a story about how love, money, power and greed affects one family. 

The plot

After the death of Mr Henry Kamati, the founder of the multi-million dollar company called Meat Expo’s chaos and deception erupt amongst his family and all others affected by his last Will and Testament. 

Mr Kamati was a self-made Millionaire who started off as a young cattle farmer and he made his fortune by exporting quality beef internationally. 

Mr Kamati’s final Will and Testament declared his son Michael Kamati takes ownership of Meat Expo. Michael is the second born son of Mr Kamati with Maureen Jacobs who happens to be the ‘love of his life’.

Mr Kamati's other wife, Mrs Annely Kamati, discovered the will and decides to forge it in favour of their son Thomas Kamati - Mr Kamati's firstborn son. 

This causes the two brothers and their mothers to be at loggerheads over who is the true heir of Meat Expo - the company left behind by their father. 

Here are some of the highlights of the show:

Kamati's Last Will and Testament shocks Annely and Thomas. Michael learns of his father's death

Will Michael decide to attend his father’s funeral and who does Annely need help from? Then there's havoc at Kamati's funeral. Maureen saddened by Maggie's insensitivity.


Annaley succeeds in forging the will

The Third Will season two starts on 9 August.