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The OneZed Showmax watchlist

11 January 2022
Showmax has your back for all your One Zed show bingeing needs!
Onezed Showmax watch list

Gone are the days we used to complain about missing out on our favourite shows and having to wait for the repeats. Many of you have also being caught in the holiday blues and probably missed out on some of the developments in the lives of your favourite characters.

Do you know what is currently happening to Thando in Zuba while Vinny pretends to be him in the Sosala’s home? What about all the inspiring stories from couples like Hope and Mike who have taken a leap of love in My Kitchen Party? Let’s not forget about how Spoiler has taken up the role of an unqualified mathematics teacher in the most recent episode of Spoiler season two.

If you have missed any of these interesting stories, worry not! Showmax has your back, all you need to do is make sure you have internet connection and a much-needed Showmax subscription. CLICK here to get yourself set up for a good bingeing period with no disturbances!

To get you started, here are the awesome shows you can catch on Showmax:


Hambe found love in Chibale but she is giving him a hard time to fully express it. In the same breath, Nguzu, Hambe’s father believed he was a bad seed despite Junza’s attempt to put in a good word for him. Nguzu’s wives have also been cooking up lots of drama and getting involved in crimes as we saw Mwiza in getting arrested after marijuana was discovered in her house! If you missed all these misfortunes, CLICK here to catch up on Showmax.


From Thando’s traumatic abduction to Niko and Zuba’s blossoming love, you can catch all this drama from where it all started to where it is going with a simple click of a button. Don’t miss out and find out what happens next in the world of Zuba. Will Zuba find out who the father of her unborn child is? CLICK here to catch up on the entertaining telenovela!

My Kitchen Party

Your reality TV show needs are fully covered with access to a selection of My Kitchen Party seasons and episodes on Showmax. We all enjoy a good love story, so why not tune in to watch one or ten Zambian couples taking their relationships to the next level right here.


We could never leave out an opportunity to have a good laugh with our family and friends. Spoiler has been on a mission to make money in any way he possibly can including becoming an unqualified mathematics teacher. If you have missed out on Spoiler’s master plans, go ahead and catch up from moment this hilarious comic started cooking up his mischief by clicking here.

These are a few of the shows you can wind down to at any moment you choose, as long as you get yourself plugged into Showmax.

Stay tuned into all the fun and entertainment that OneZed DStv Channel 172 and GOtv Channel 8 have to offer you!