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The makings of a great Kitchen Party

01 June 2020
The COVID19 pandemic has the world hanging on a delicate lifestyle balance, but don’t fret because we're bringing you reality entertainment that will inspire you and provide you with some good ideas for those still planning on tying the knot.

In May, we brought back one of your all-time faves: My Kitchen Party Zambia.

#MKPZambia is a salute to the culturally rich Zambian traditional bridal shower. The show exposes the authentic experiences by 13 unique couples over the course of the season.

For those of you who are dreaming about tying the knot and all the celebrations that come with it, we’ve compiled a special checklist to help you pull off an EPIC kitchen party!

  1. Moves like Jagger

1591095749 34 screenshot 2020 06 02 at 13.01.41


It is imperative to know which ladies have got the dance moves in your camp; sisters, mothers, aunties, gogos. Round them up and let them take center stage! They are bound to bring your bridal shower to life.


  1. Hair, make-up, mani and pedi

1591095275 34 screenshot 2020 06 02 at 12.45.53


This one might seem obvious, but just in case your husband-to-be pulls a surprise move and unveils your feet first instead of your face, you have got to make sure those toes look as pretty as a peach!


  1. African bridal attire

1591094483 34 screenshot 2020 06 02 at 12.35.44


Especially as we all celebrate and remember what makes us proudly African, traditional attire is very important. But it takes a truly skilled hand to make you stand out from the rest! This is the time to secure the best seamstress your money can afford.


  1. Food, glorious food

1591095211 34 screenshot 2020 06 02 at 12.46.32


There’s no such thing as a great party with no food. And for this one in particular, the more traditional food options you have, the better.


  1. Cash is king

1591095364 34 screenshot 2020 06 02 at 12.47.27


The bride may have said yes already, but the in-laws certainly won’t let the groom see her pretty face for free! Make sure your bae has his ‘coins’ ready for this big reveal.


  1. Gifts, gifts, gifts

1591095083 34 gifts


Last but not least, gifts for the bride of course! Make sure everyone gets the memo (wink wink).


#MKPZambia airs every Wednesday at 21:00 on #OneZED DStv CH 172 and GOtv CH 8. Stay tuned to One ZED for some of the finest entertainment our continent has to offer!

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