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Snakes and Ladders


The limitless strength of a woman: Doubt

14 January 2019
There’s no doubt that Lindiwe’s strength is worthy of a standing obviation.
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‘You strike a woman, you strike a rock’, a South African saying that couldn’t be truer in Lindiwe’s case. Having gone from being a gracious bride to becoming a world-class detective, Lindiwe has had to demonstrate strength in its truest form.

Imagine baring witness to your husband’s arrest at the altar, with family and friends watching in disbelief. That’s Lindiwe’s reality, which didn’t grant her a single moment to take it all in and react. Instead, everything in her body told her to get to work and clear her husband’s name.

Lindiwe demonstrates strength in a number of ways, which are both inspiring and cringed worthy:

  • She risked it all for the truth: There are moments when she separates herself from her marriage and fights for the truth as it is in black and white. However, the fuel to her fire is her marriage and the man she loves and that is worth dying for (according to her).

  • No matter how heartbreaking the evidence is/was, it’s still evidence: From the beginning, Lindiwe has had to swallow every pill life handed her. From doubting her own family’s agenda to finding out who her husband really is. Yet, that didn’t stop her from gathering the evidence she needs. She’s well aware that ‘truth’ is a consequence of digging too deep.

  • Trust: Anyone who’s anyone would love to lean on their loved ones during such a trying time. Lindiwe is the same. However, she’s had to realize that those she trusts most aren’t necessarily her and her husband’s biggest fans. Alongside, with having to deal with looking at everyone in her life through a new lens as she discovers she doesn’t know anyone as she thought.

  • Determination: Giving up isn’t an option for Lindiwe. No matter how tired she gets emotionally, physically and mentally – she has to keep pushing herself and being her own motivation in getting this job done.
  • Love: Lindiwe’s strongest pillar in getting through it all, is her love for her husband. She’s already learned so much about him and yet, she keeps placing herself in the firing line for his freedom.

As Lindiwe gets closer to the truth, it’s clear that this is a woman who not only loves her husband, family and friends, but she’s also a woman of justice. She makes for a detective not to be messed with and a woman who can take anything.

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