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Spoiler, the cure and the cause – Spoiler

23 September 2021
By now if you know our very own trickster, Spoiler, you will know that he creates a whole lot of trouble and then turn around to find an amicable solution.
Spoiler and Malume 1

OneZed’s Spoiler is a comedy show based on the lead actor called Spoiler, who, from the very beginning of the show, has always been a naughty young man who prides himself on pranking his friends and family, just for the laughs and the fun of it.

Remember the time Spoiler and his uncle were on a see-saw and Spoiler told his uncle to remove his trousers because they were making him heavier than he really is. 🤣🤣🤣His uncle protested and told him he’s simply heavy because he’s older than him and he’s his uncle. Spoiler didn’t like that response at all but he accepted it. 

And there was the episode where Spoiler’s father had found out that Elina, Spoiler’s wife, was pregnant with another man’s child and immediately threw her out and encouraged Spoiler to take Susie as his wife. As much as Spoiler’s heart was not happy with that decision but he had to do the right thing and he went to lobolaSusie, much to his father’s delight. Even though he wasn’t entirely happy with that but he had to make his father happy.

Do you remember the time when Spoiler found a potential wife on Facebook?🤣🤣🤣If his father was not around, the Swahili girl, Melab, would have stolen all of Spoiler’s money and fled with it, with the help of her brother. Needless to say, Kalibu saved the day and made sure that the two didn’t pull a fast one on his son. He might not have said thank you but Spoiler was rather grateful to his father for always being so vigilant. 

There has been so many funny moments on Spoiler, most of which have left us both thinking and laughing at the same time. Tell us what your favourite moments on Spoiler are and how they helped you better understand the show and kept you tuned in to OneZed.

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