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Singleville: The place to be? – Date My Family

07 September 2021
Not everyone is meant to be with someone. Some people are meant to be by themselves and are quite content with it.
Mohawk DMF 2

If you are single and attractive, like some of our singles on Date My Family: Botswana, the most common question you will get is “Why are you single?”

Most single people get irritated by this question mainly because for many, being alone is a choice and various reasons bring them to this choice.

Being single allows you the freedom to learn about yourself and ultimately what you like, while taking time to observe your potential partner, should you want one.

Society always suggests that no man is an island and that everyone needs someone, but this is not always the case. Relationships have become complicated and most people feel that the emotional strain that comes with relationships is a process they would rather miss. Also, relationships are a lot of work and not everyone is cut out for the patience required to maintain them.

As a single person in Singleville, we’d like you to share your views on being a single person and what brought you to that decision? We’d also like to know the different questions and comments you get about you being single. We can’t wait to hear about your experiences.

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