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Serving The Switch-Up – Zed Top 10

11 January 2019
New year, new beginnings as we serve you a switch up worth your time
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As we kick off 2019, it is always best to switch things up and get a fresh perspective on what the viewers want and how best to meet their needs.

So, we are taking it to the streets to let the viewers decide what they would like to see on their darling music show, Zed Top 10.

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You as the viewer are now guaranteed an opportunity to decide which music videos you would like to see, or dedicate to someone or the people closest to your heart.

1547192238 34 screenshot 2019 01 11 at 09.33.01

Nuff said, lets hit the streets to find out what you wanna hear. So be on the look out for our branded bus because we could be parked right outside your local mall, or even on your street corner.

1547192734 34 screenshot 2019 01 11 at 09.32.02

Catch Zed Top Ten this Friday at 21h00 only on One Zed Tv GOtv channel 8. Engage with the show by liking our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and on Instagram using #ZedTop10.