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Ati How's Sashiska Stays Slaying!

19 April 2018
Our Ati How host has been serving slayage goals for a while and she looks good in everything.

Of course you know her as the capable host on our hit music video request show 'Ati How' but she brings it even off screen, on the gram and on the streets.

The 21 years old Zambian didn't come to play but to slay on every aspect of her life, which is why it seems like everything she touches turns to a hit. We scoured social media to see what she's been up to off our TVs and this is what we found: 

As our featured image depicts, nobody rocks short shorts quite like our girl does. NOBODY!

On Valentine's Day she got everyone's jaws dropping when she revealed her shoot pictures that prefectly defined the day of love.

Denim on denim is undoubtedly a classic and Sashiska always gets it, she just gets it right!

You should've seen her 21st birthday party on February 11. It was a PARTAAAAAY! The girl knows a good party and with the theme Sashiska 21 Savage, we know that this is only the beginning for her.

We can't wait to see how far Sashiska's star will rise as she's one of Zambia's gems.

Catch Sashiska on Ati How every Sunday at 19:30.